Meeting Truvy

As usual, after losing a dog I feel that I’ll never be ready for another.  Luckily for me my husband knows that we need to keep rescuing and contribute to saving as many as we can.  He contacted the rescue we had worked with before when we adopted Sadie (All Dogs Go To Heaven).  Stacey asked us if we were stuck on English Mastiffs only.  Of course she knows us and she knows our family so we told her we would take the one that needed us.  That’s how we got Truvy.

I’ll admit, she is not like any of our others.  She seems shy and a bit cautious.  But, she is sweet.  She wants to be touched and she wants to hold your hand.  truvyI hope she is with us for many years.  I love her completely already and can’t imagine her not being a part of our lives.

We love you girl, you’re home.