All Dogs Go To Heaven

sadie-faceWe lost this sweet girl yesterday.  I wasn’t ready.  Are we ever?

Sadie came to us 4 years ago.  She was a rescue and 2 months before we got her I had lost my very first rescue to old age.  I wasn’t necessarily ready for her, but as many rescue families know, there are many times you don’t choose the dog, the dog chooses you.

My husband had contacted the rescue organization about her and started asking questions.  I had my own questions as I was not really done grieving for our Maggie.  I called Sadie’s foster mom to ask to get some answers.  I clearly remember calling on a Wednesday because she immediately started crying because she had just made the appointment for her to be euthanized on Friday.  She just couldn’t foster her anymore because she had female dog aggression, which wasn’t working in that home.  No one else wanted her.

The decision had been made.  We were going to bring her home.  Sadie was brought to our home on Saturday of that same week.  She sadie-2was a junkyard dog.  Her owner had gotten her and chained her up outside to guard the junkyard.  She wasn’t taken inside.  She wasn’t loved.  At some point, she had gotten an eye infection and her owner didn’t take care of it. She was blind in her right eye.  She was also deathly afraid of thunderstorms.

She was a sweet girl.  A gentle giant.  Her favorite place was to be wherever we were.  I’ll miss holding her giant paw and her hugs.

I love you big girl.  I’ll see you soon.  Run free.

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