ahhh… summer.

Baseball.  The great American past time.ball park

Both my 14 year old and my 8 year old play.  My son has been playing since he was 5 and this is my daughter’s 1st year in a regular league.

Of course I want both of my kids to be competitive.  It gives them something to work for.  I want them to be better on the last day than they were on the first day. But mostly, I want them to have fun.

My son is at the age where this is his last year of rec. league.  All the “great” baseball players play for a travel team.  So, one would think that the kids on his team would be having a great time.  You know, let’s just have fun.  Let’s try to win, but let’s have fun.  For the most part, that’s exactly what his team is made of.  However, he has one kid specifically, that thinks scouts are there looking at him.  (not really, but you would think the way he acts and yells at all of his teammates about how much they suck).  It’s one thing to have an immature 13 year old act like he’s the best.  It happens.  He’s still trying to figure everything out.

BUT.  The problems are, his parents.  My God, these people!  It’s unbelievable to listen to them at a game.  Last night it started with the dad.  He spends 90% of the game marching back and forth from the bleachers to the dugout then back to the bleachers then back to the dugout.  You get the point.  He mumbles under his breath the entire time. Stay out of the damn dugout and let the coach do his job.  Maybe if you stayed away your son would learn to work with (and appreciate) the team and not against it.

Then you throw the mom in.  It usually starts with, “I could coach this team better then who they have coaching!”  Then she proceeds to point out each and every boy on the team that makes a mistake, except hers.  Of course, he is carrying the team!  Believe me, my son is not the best kid on the team, but let me reassure you, neither is hers.

So, Mr. and Mrs. so-and-so…please remember the following things (seen at a number of baseball parks across the country!)

  • He’s just a kid.
  • It’s just a game
  • The coach is a VOLUNTEER
  • The officials are humans


  • absolutely NO scholarships will be handed out today.

I hope your son is successful.  I do.  But I would suggest that you always have a backup plan for him, and not put all your eggs in his professional baseball career basket.

** on a side note, my daughter has a coach that focuses on fun and teaching the girls the rules of the game.  Here he is giving my daughter a pep talk out on the field before an inning.  Thanks, Coach Tom, for keeping it real!  kate and coach


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