What is a bait dog?

Oy.  What a disgusting topic I feel compelled to write about.  Luckily (?) with the Michael Vick dog fighting case being front and center in the media a few years ago more attention has been brought to this issue than ever before.

My husband and I rescued our big guy from a dog fighting ring whom was used as a bait dog.  He was perfect because he was large and could withstand a lot of injury and be used repeatedly.  When we picked him up he was covered from head to toe to belly to every spot on his body with scars.  This is how we learned what a bait dog is and how ugly dog fighting really is.

A bait dog is rendered incapacitated by duct taping his mouth shut, filing his teeth down, binding his legs and/or restraining him.  They are completely helpless.  They have absolutely no way to protect themselves.  They are then thrown into a ring with another dog who is trained to kill.  Many die in the ring…if they are one of the lucky.  If he doesn’t, he is repeatedly put into this situation over and over.  He is often badly injured.  He may or may not make it through the night.  If he does not, his lifeless body is thrown out like trash.  If he does, he fearfully waits in pain for the next time.  It’s heartbreaking. It’s ugly.  Until you’ve seen it, you cannot understand how humans can be so ugly.

Our big guy was lucky.  He made it out, into a family who loved him wholly and completely.  My goal for him was to go out of this world knowing love.  I can only hope we were able to make him forget even a small amount of what he lived through.

Please.  Don’t look away when these cases come to light.   The more we do, the more these things are allowed to go on.

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